Fastaid Pocket Size CPR Mask

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Fastaid Pocket Size CPR Mask

For emergency situations where CPR may be necessary, the Fastaid CPR Super Pocket Resuscitator is the go-to choice for portable first aid or emergency trauma kits.

Easy to carry and made from durable PVC and silicone materials, Reusable CPR face shield with oxygen port for personal protection during use.

Packed in a plastic clamshell case. it allows for a quick response while reducing the risk of contamination to the applicant.

Designed with portability in mind, it comes with a strong storage case and weighs only 100 grams, making it ideal for travel. In addition to providing its user with the filtering capability of applying CPR, it also comes with a head strap and an O2 inlet port. It also has a silicone one-way value and a cushioned mask that won’t leak when it’s needed most.

A pocket-size CPR mask in a plastic clamshell case.