Shield Right EcoFlex PU Glove 13 Gauge Polyester Shell

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Shield Right EcoFlex PU Glove

Shield Right EcoFlex Gloves With PU Coating & Seamless 13 Gauge Polyester Shell Light & Durable

  • 13 gauge nylon shell gloves with polyurethane palm. Excellent abrasion resistance allows for activities such as bottling, canning, recycling, manufacturing, and assembly.
  • The Shield Right EcoFlex with Black PU Coating & a Seamless 13 Gauge Polyester Shell, have a perfect fit and are relatively thin so you can still have feeling in your fingers to do fine work.
  • Breathable back against sweaty hands & Lint Free with an Excellent Feel.
COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE 13 Gauge black polyester shell with black PU coated on palm fits hands like a second skin and provides excellent dexterity, sensitivity, and tactility.
GOOD ABRASION PERFORMANCE PU coatings provide better skid resistance and excellent abrasion resistance
MORE DETAILS Knitted wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the gloves.
GOOD CHOICE for carpenters, component handling, construction workers, precision
works, garden work, refuse collectors, general assembly workers and lots more.
PERFECT for handling small components and carrying out precision works

Recommended Uses Include:

  • Materials Handling Work
  • Construction Industry
  • Plumbing
  • Recycling
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • General Purpose Work Glove
  • Cleaning

The Shield Right EcoFlex PU Gloves Design & Quality:

  • Made with ultra-thin and breathable flexible polyester liner.
  • Polyurethane coated non-slip on the palm and fingers for extra protection and better grip.
  • Seamless 13 gauge Polyester Shell to provide protection while being as thin and flexible as possible.
  • Knitted wrist to prevent debris and dust from entering glove.
  • Works great for cleaning, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, recycling, and more.