Coronavirus: ‘Great Indian Pandemic Wedding’ held in Covid-19 centre after bride tests positive

  • Authorities had to stop the bride and her family from reaching the wedding venue in Rajasthan after her coronavirus test results were confirmed
  • They decided to move the wedding ceremony, with the couple, priest and three relatives all donning full protective gear



A couple in northern India decided to get married at a Covid-19 care centre, donning protective suits for the ceremony, after the bride tested positive on their wedding day.
Photos shared by health authorities quickly went viral on social media. They show the couple, the priest and three close relatives wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) gear as the pair took their marital vows in a traditional Hindu ceremony that involved them making rounds around a sacred fire.
Three regional officials were also present at the wedding in Rajasthan state’s Baran district on Sunday, to ensure it was done in accordance with “full Covid-19 protocol” including ensuring physical distancing, said the region’s chief medical officer, Sampat Raj Nagar.

  • Aug 23, 2021
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