3M P2 Respirator 9123 25 Pack

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3M P2 Respirator 9123 25 Pack

The 3M Respirators are designed to protect your breathing from dirt, dust, soiling and other particles. They are P2 rated, meaning that they can protect you from PM2.5 particles produced by bushfire smoke. It's ideal for working in construction and other forms of work, as well as breathing comfortably on the go.

  • They're P2 rated meaning they're designed for protected breathing against non-oily, airborne particles such as; dust, dirt, pollen, soil, as well as bushfire and exhaust particles.
  • These masks are disposable and designed for single use.
  • The masks are P2 rated meaning that they can protect you from PM2.5 particles, the particles created by bushfire smoke.
  • It's compliant to AS/NZS 1716 standards meaning it's suitable for use against substances which may be harmful if inhaled.
  • They're ideal for use in the workplace or in polluted areas.
  • These respirator are to be worn over the mouth and nose and attach via elastic side bands with hook attachments behind the base of the head/top of the neck.
  • These respirators come in a 25 pack so you can stock up your workplace.
  • Each mask is in its own individual pack, to keep each maskclean once the pack is opened.
  • They have a four-layer 3D design for easy breathing.
  • They come with embedded nose clips wrapped in soft foam that conform to your nose shape and keep your mask secure while in use.