Anti-Bacterial Waterless Hand Sanitiser Rub 500ml

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Anti-Bacterial Waterless Hand Sanitiser Rub 500ml

Contains at least 60% Ethanol,


Safety data sheet available on request.

Hand Rubs are widely used in hospital and nursing home environments and considered by many to be a superior product to a gel. The rub is exactly the same as the gel, just without the agent which makes it a gel and is, therefore, runnier.

Like the gel the rub:  

  • it’s a waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • it provides the same alcohol concentration
  • as well as the alcohol it will also contain broad spectrum bactericide for residual and cumulative efficacy
  • it has the consistency of water
  • it will be clear
  • it will have a delicate minty fragrance

A hand sanitiser designed to kill bacteria/germs from the hand surface without the use of water.

This product can be applied in areas requiring a high level of hygiene; e.g. medical clinics/hospitals, school grounds, and food preparation areas, etc.