Handicare LDPE Disposable Gloves

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Handicare LDPE Disposable Gloves, Box of 500 


Elevate your safety standards with Handicare LDPE Disposable Gloves, expertly engineered from Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) to offer a lightweight yet robust solution for your hand protection needs. These gloves are a cornerstone of hygiene in environments where cleanliness is paramount. Their clear, smooth design not only allows for full hand movement visibility These gloves are a staple in food service and also come in two tailored sizes—perfect for both ladies and men.  Embrace the blend of comfort, durability, and hygiene with Handicare LDPE Disposable Gloves,



    • Affordable Hygiene: Provides cost-effective protection against contamination.
    • Smooth Texture: Offers a comfortable fit with a sleek finish.
    • HACCP Certified: Meets standards for safe food handling practices.
    • Made from LDPE: Constructed with durable Low-Density Polyethylene.
    • Lightweight Design: Easy to wear without compromising dexterity.
    • Transparent Material: Allows for clear visibility of hand movements.
    • Disposable: Convenient for one-time use, ensuring hygiene.
    • Water-Resistant: Protects hands from moisture and spills.



    • Food processing, preparation & handling
    • Hospitality