Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves - 12 Pairs

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Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves - 12 Pairs

Polycotton/ Polyester Cotton Knitted Gloves | White

Light Handling, Glove Liner, Food, Waitress, Chauffeur, Sports, Shipping

SteelDrill Health & Safety Knit Cotton Work Gloves are an economical alternative to canvas and jersey gloves. The knit cotton gloves are seamless, reversible and reusable. String knit gloves are designed to be one size fits most, for men, for women or youth age children. Perfect for purchasing in bulk, the cotton gloves are great for work or for sports teams. These lightweight white knit gloves feature an over-edged stitch threaded wrist for increased durability while helping to prevent unravelling when the white glove is washed. Maintaining a snug fit to the skin, the elastic woven cuff allows for excellent freedom of movement. Ideal for indoor or for outdoor lightweight warmth and protection. 

Features & Specifications:

Product Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves 1 Werko

Product Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves 3 Werko

Product Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves 5 Werko

Product Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves 7 Werko

Polyester-Cotton Knit Blend

A lightweight and comfortable solution to provide warmth and reduce abrasion.

Over-edged Knit Wrist

An Elastic knit wrist fits right to the skin and allows for easy on and off flexibility.

Fits Either Hand

The reversible pattern of the 513Z glove makes it wearable on either hand.

Perfect Glove Liner

Slim fit easily slides under bulkier gloves, making these the perfect choice for a glove liner

Usage: White Knit Cotton Work Gloves are perfect for men or for women, handling food in cold storage, general maintenance, packaging, inspection, material handling, assembly, labour, woodworking, sports and shipping and receiving, waiters, chauffeur drivers and More. These gloves are also useful as added insulation, warmth or protection, they work great as an insulating liner under an outer shell glove.

Product Features & Description:

  • Polyester-Cotton Blend – lightweight & comfortable; provides warmth, reduces abrasion
  • Reversible – The glove pattern is reversible, wearable on either hand
  • Over-Edge Wrist – Glove’s wrist fits snug to the skin; elastic allows for easy on and off flexibility love Liner – Slim fit slides easily under bulkier gloves; add an additional layer without the bulk. When you want your hands protected but don’t want them to overheat, string knit work gloves are the perfect solution. Featuring a lightweight and comfortable polyester-cotton blend, These knit gloves are a popular choice for glove liners