MaxiGuard Half Mask Silicone Chemical Kit (Blister Pack) MS-R7500C

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MaxiGuard Half Mask Silicone Chemical Kit (Blister Pack) MS-R7500C Features and Benefits

  • MaxiGuard Chemical Kit is the economical choice when you require respiratory protection from harmful fumes.
  • Includes ABEK1P2 Cartridges.
  • Conveniently packed in a resealable storage container,
  • providing protection for the respirator and filters.
  •  Comfortable silicone mask
  •  Easy to clean and maintain
  •  Easy to wear, fully adjustable harness
  •  Low profile slim design
  • Twin filter designs provides lower breathing resistance
  •  Balanced fit and clear field of vision
  •  Simple, secure bayonet filter attachment system
  •  Organic gas/inorganic gas/acid gas/ammonia filter class ABEK1
  •  Used against vapour from organic gases whose boiling point exceeds +65°C (150F), for inorganic gas, for acid gas, and for ammonia
  • The kit comes packaged in an attractive retail ‘blister’ pack ready for use!

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• Chemical handling and manufacturing
• Spray painting
• Emergency services
• Handling animals
• Spraying pesticides
• Automotive and fibreglass industry
• Agriculture industry




1 x R7500 Half Face Respirator
2 x R701 – A1 Gas Filters
2 x R7N11-P2 – P2 PreFilters