Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit

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Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit

Oral Fluid Confirmation Kit

APAC Oral Confirmation kit comes in single boxes.

Each Kit contains.

  • 2x Quantisal specimen tubes and collection pads
  • Tamperproof specimen bag with Absorbent pad
  • Four Security Seals

Scope of supply – oral fluid confirmation kit

  • Quantisal – Two specimen tubes and collection pads. The pads are used to collect oral fluid and will change colour once sufficient fluid has been collected. The pad is inserted into the tube containing a saline solution.
  • Tamperproof specimen bag with adsorbent pad
  • Four security seals; two to seal the specimen tubes, one to seal the transport box and one to attach to the Chain of Custody doc closed with a rubber corkument. Each set of four seals uses a unique number for ease of tracking.
  • Cardboard box to house specimen tubes