Shield Right Blue ISO Gown Knitted Cuff, Ties Closure, Level 2 (Pack of 10)

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Shield Right Blue Isolation Gown Knitted Cuff, Ties Closure, Level 2


The Shield Right Blue Knitted Cuff Isolation Gown is a critical component in the protective gear arsenal, specially designed to safeguard healthcare professionals and patients from cross-contamination in medical settings. Crafted with a 40gsm thickness, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and protection, ensuring breathability while acting as a barrier against fluids and pathogens. Available with ties closures, it provides a secure and adjustable fit for all body types. The gown comes in universal (uni) and one-size (os) options, accommodating a wide range of sizes and body shapes. This versatility, combined with its essential role in infection control, makes the Elastic Cuff Isolation Gown an indispensable item in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in healthcare environments.



  • Polypropylene Laminated Polyethylene
  • Material Weight: 40gsm


Primary Usage

  • Single-Use Gowns for Clinical Use Non Sterile



  • sold inderviually 
  • comes in packs of 10
  • Cartons of 50 (5 packs)



  • SR3424 Unisize - Covers S, M, L
  • SR3425 Oversize - Covers XL, 2XL, 3XL
Sleeve Length 57cm 60cm
Sleeve Width 27cm 29cm
Neck Tie Length 36cm 36cm
Sleeve Opening Relax 8cm 8cm
Waist Tie Length  170cm 180cm
Length 115cm 125cm
Width  135cm 145cm